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4 Cybersecurity Essentials for the 2020 Remote Workplace

The global COVID-19 pandemic has largely changed the way we work. From cloud and hybrid cloud to on-premises environments, the rules of cybersecurity remain the same – and so do the methods of attack – but this time with a renewed vigor. From whaling and phishing to malicious sites, knowing how to recognize these threats…
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The Undeniable Value of Strong IT Services

A Protelligent®, Inc. Testimonial from WorldLink Integration Group: The Undeniable Value of Strong IT Services. As a provider of IT services for companies across the nation, efficient and effective IT services are crucial to WorldLink Integration Group's business operations. John Fecteau, CEO of WorldLink Integration Group, talks about how Protelligent’s Cloud Backup | CloudDR™ and…
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The Key to 100% Business Continuity

A Protelligent®, Inc. Testimonial from Form I-9 Compliance: Averting Downtime is Crucial As an Employer Agent for the Department of Homeland Security’s E-Verify Program, preventing downtime is absolutely vital to Form I-9 Compliance’s business operations. Chas Patterson, Vice President of Sales and Systems at Form I-9 Compliance, talks about how Protelligent’s Cloud Backup | CloudDR™…
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The Answer to Our Most Critical Question

For DevicePharm™, the most important question that relates to their IT solution is, “will it work?” Protelligent’s ManagedIT Complete™ and Cloud Backup | CloudDR™ services and expertise were the ultimate answer. DevicePharm™ CEO, Clay Wilemon, talks about how Protelligent takes care of their IT management needs with 24/7/365 monitoring and seamless user support. When it…
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Being Heard is Vital

Nick Peterson, Director of IT at Critical Power Products & Services, shares how Protelligent's personalized customer service and technological expertise has built a trusted relationship. Protelligent's responsiveness, accountability and integrity are values necessary to fostering partnerships and delivering Managed IT services that surpass expectations.
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Ransomware & Phishing Security Knowledge Series Part 3

Protelligent®: How to protect yourself against ransomware Fight back! It costs nearly $1 million to resolve an average cybersecurity attack such as ransomware, phishing or whaling. Protelligent shares some valuable prevention tips for safeguarding and securing your organization’s critical data against cybercriminals. Allow more time to read and scrutinize email: Do not click on any…
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Ransomware & Phishing Security Knowledge Series Part 2

Protelligent®: Ransomware distribution and examples The threat is real! In our second video, Fred Groehler, Protelligent Principal Engineer, helps you protect yourself from ransomware, whaling and phishing attacks by showing real-world examples and explaining the different methods of distribution. Emails containing malicious attachments or embedded links are the most common method of ransomware, phishing and…
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Ransomware & Phishing Security Knowledge Series Part 1

Protelligent®: Ransomware, phishing and whaling definitions Don’t be a victim of ransomware! As the fastest growing cybersecurity threat to businesses, Protelligent Principal Engineer, Fred Groehler, helps you protect yourself by explaining the differences between malicious software such as ransomware, whaling and phishing attacks. Ransomware is malicious software used by attackers to deny access to systems…
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