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Migrate to AWS Cloud Services and Change Your Business with this eBook from AWS

Migrating to cloud services empowers companies to transform the way they do business by helping them accelerate time to market, freeing them from the constraints of their current IT environments and providing cost efficiencies. Protelligent® recently shared our downloadable pre-planning worksheet for migration that complements this next valuable resource – our Cloud Migration eBook from AWS…
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Protelligent is now a Select Consulting Partner in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network

This exciting achievement recognizes Protelligent’s expertise in cloud architecting, migration and management of the market-leading AWS platform. In earning our AWS Select Consulting Partnership, Protelligent® demonstrated a strong working proficiency in the AWS cloud solutions. We were also required to provide references from valued customers and meet numerous technical requirements and accreditations. As part of…
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AWS Cloud Migration – The Ultimate Checklist and Pre-plan Worksheet

Download the Cloud Migration Pre-plan Worksheet Now Do you know how and when to migrate your business to the AWS Cloud and determine which architecture is going to deliver measurable returns on the time and resources invested? How do you begin the process to answering these and other hard questions? This checklist and the downloadable…
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5 Reasons to Utilize the Cloud for Your Business

With the ever-increasing reliance on technology in the business environment and the fast-paced world of on-the-go meetings, it is essential that businesses are able to implement IT solutions that will help them quickly and efficiently store, secure, and access client information. Through the use of cloud computing services, businesses are able to quickly store, retrieve…
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Security Doesn’t Get a Summer Break, 7 New Things You Should Know

Summer is here and with the warmer temperatures come outdoor parties, long weekends and extended vacations. Unfortunately, the freedom associated with the summer season does not extend to your cybersecurity needs. Here are 7 new cybersecurity trends and potential solutions to watch for this year. Accountability for Device Security has become a focus of the…
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Most Critical IT Question Answered through ManagedIT and CloudDR

Protelligent® is honored to support DevicePharm™ by providing ManagedIT Complete™ and Cloud Backup | CloudDR™ services. By outsourcing IT services, DevicePharm is able to focus more on their mission to provide their clients with the marketing strategy and integrated marketing solutions needed to achieve success. Watch the video below to learn more about the support…
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What You Need to Know About Cloud Backup and Cloud Storage

If you are looking for a cloud service provider, you have come across the terms “cloud backup” and “cloud storage.” Many people use these terms interchangeably, unaware of the difference between the services. While there are similarities between the two, such as the ability to upload information to a location outside of your computer, then…
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Sensitive Data Protection and Recovery Possible with CloudDR

Protelligent® is honored to partner with Morning Star Boys’ Ranch to provide ManagedIT™ Complete and Cloud Backup | CloudDR™ services. Through the outsourcing of IT and data recovery services to Protelligent, Morning Star Boys’ Ranch is able to focus less on technological issues, and more on the personalized aspects of providing care to children and…
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CloudDR Allows Focus to be Placed on Children of the Community.

Protelligent® is proud to be partnering with Mountain States Early Head Start to provide ManagedIT™ Complete and Cloud Backup | CloudDR™ services. Through the use of our IT and data recovery services, MSEHS is able to spend more time focusing on the needs of the children and families they serve. Mountain States Early Head Start…
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Business Services Strengthened with Outsourced IT

Protelligent® is excited to partner with with Community Link Consulting to provide ManagedIT™ Complete and Cloud Backup | CloudDR™ services. Through the use of our services, Community Link Consulting will be able to spend more time focusing on the needs of their individual clients, and less time managing their data and IT systems. Community Link…
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