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It’s in the name…Proactive and Intelligent.

  • Proactive as exemplified by our practice of having the depth of engineering expertise and experience to provide sound guidance.
  • Proactive as evidenced by our strategy and tactical guidance.
  • Intelligent as evidenced by having deployed the industry’s best-in-class solutions.
  • Intelligent as demonstrated by brevity and soundness of content in our recommendations and executions.
  • Overall, we thrive on solving seemingly impenetrable business problems with advanced engineering and best-of-breed technology and practices, delivered to provide the ideal user experience that’s both transparent and cost effective. In short, we love people and we love investigative solution design.

Competitive Differentiators

virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) Services

  • Attached is a sample of some of our work on behalf of a client who needed guidance on the need for C level IT expertise. We also perform tool set and HR gap analysis on an as-need basis. Contact us to see how you may be better served.
  • View Sample

Quality of the Managed IT Complete Solution

  • Performance commitments are applied to the end user experience; all of your environment is addressed, including customer software, one-off applications, BYOD, ISPs (Internet Service Provider), and so forth are all addressed in the Protelligent solution.
  • A true fixed cost, turnkey solution
  • The high percentage of level 3 engineering resources at PTI
  • Quality of proposed designs, including best-in-class architecture providing resiliency, recoverability, ease of management.
  • Ticket remediation…experience gets to RCAs thereby reducing overall incident count
  • Fast MTTR (Mean Time To Resolution)

Quality of the Security offering

  • Few IT security firms in the NW offers multi-layered and proactive remediation. PCI compliant audits, daily security monitoring, penn testing, social engineering support, etc.

Cloud Computing and Data Center Collocation

  • A guaranteed end user experience…we bring the same engineering expertise and counsel to this discipline as is brought to Managed IT Complete.
  • Tier 4 data center, one of only 3 in the US available for commercial use.
  • Dual data centers
  • Level 3 engineering support on staff
  • Having its own data center assets is somewhat unique among most IT services firms; most IT service firms outsource or partner for this asset, resulting in potential for finger pointing and loss of QC.

PTI does not rely on equipment or software sales to stay in business.

How PTI started and its focus.

  • PTI started by providing high level IT engineering to large firms, often where their own IT staffs lacked technical acumen to perform successfully.
  • PTI is and remains focused on the SMB space.

Business strategy. Protelligent provides C level strategy consulting, ensuring the IT assets are leveraged as a business enabler, not a sunk cost.  CFO, CMO, COO and CEO priorities and challenges are part of the discovery towards the recommended solution.

The Protelligent Approach

  • The Mission: A servant oriented, stewardship perspective to our engagements.
  • The Goal: Foster a climate of IT excellence that creates or enhances competitive advantage, and forms a cornerstone of economic development and sustainability.
  • The Method: Earning the trusted advisor role, whether it is in support of tactical task completions or strategic initiative definition and execution. Fostering improved collaboration between the IT professionals and key business leaders in the organization.
  • The How: Protelligent is an engineering and design organization, one that has the horsepower to consult and execute to high levels. We practice best-of-breed and bring economy of scale to the mid-tier market.
  • Results: Our Clients tell us by not leaving, as Protelligent’s annual churn rate is 1.38%. [Having lost 2 customers of 22 in 8 years.]

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