Cloud Computing Isn’t Just Technology – It’s Strategy

The term “cloud computing” is everywhere but what does it mean? Over the last few years, the concept of the cloud has come to mean different things to different people. Let’s start with the basics.
What is cloud computing?
The cloud is a source of highly scalable services that can be accessed on-demand over the Internet. Simply put, cloud computing introduces new and better kinds of services and connections, and decreases costs associated with technology infrastructure and personnel.
How is cloud computing better than traditional computing?
In the cloud, technologies can be distant and delivered as a service over the Internet. People who use the service need only be concerned with its functionality and whether it provides value. Cloud computing can apply to every layer of the technology stack: infrastructure, applications, and data. Cloud services can be used by organizations large and small to quickly provide resources to an entire user base.
Cloud services continue to expand and mature, but organizations of all sizes are already realizing significant bottom-line benefit from the cloud. For organizations looking to ‘sustain the gain’, cloud computing is not a question of if, it is a question of when.
When considering cloud computing, seek an IT partner with over a decade of experience developing and executing strategies to move businesses to secure, reliable cloud environments.
Make cloud computing part of your organization’s strategy, and you’ll achieve Zen for your business that also drives results to your bottom line.
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