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It’s in the name…Proactive & Intelligent

Protelligent levels the playing field for small and medium-sized businesses. We deliver Enterprise-class IT and Security solutions, positioning you to achieve your vision, in the face of ever-increasing competition and constant change. Delivering for you since 2002.

Protelligent has invested millions into its own capital, technologies and best practices and procedures to outperform competition and become a pivotal internal advisor in its clients’ business success. Protelligent owns the entire infrastructure that provides cloud services, making them a unique managed IT service provider. This competitive advantage insures an “always-on computing experience” that supports their clients’ business needs.

Protelligent is committed to helping its customers build and maintain the best possible end-user experience at the lowest possible cost. It recommends business solutions that only Protelligent itself would pull the trigger on for its own business. It is this type of personal guidance and strategic vision that clients trust and depend on. This is why Protelligent’s client retention is second to none in the industry and how Protelligent can depend on lifetime referrals.

Our passion for integrity and quality service is why so many organizations are choosing Protelligent.

Our Approach

Protelligent focuses on SMBs, providing C-level strategy and tactical guidance to ensure the IT assets are leveraged as a business enabler.


We believe in bringing a servant oriented, stewardship perspective to our engagements.


We foster a climate of IT excellence that enhances our customer’s competitive advantage, and forms a cornerstone of economic development and sustainability.


Earning the trusted advisor role, whether it is in support of tactical task completions or strategic initiative definition and execution, as well as fostering collaboration between the IT professionals and key business leaders is key .


Protelligent is an engineering and design organization, one that has the horsepower to consult and execute to high levels. We practice best-of-breed and bring economy of scale to the mid-tier market.

Protelligent’s Core Values & Key Differentiators

Protelligent is an engineering-focused company. We employ highly skilled and experienced engineers. This allows us to provide complete technology life-cycle management, including: requirements gathering, infrastructure/process auditing, solution architecture, technology/process implementation, post-implementation training, and ongoing support and management.

Protelligent is not just a solutions provider. We also provide virtualized and cloud based services from two leading datacenters in the western United States. Our experience in developing, deploying, and managing this always-on, 24×7 infrastructure is the same expertise that is leveraged for all of our customers. We only recommend, architect, and deploy technologies that we have successfully vetted and are competent to deliver. You can be assured that Protelligent will not be cutting its teeth on any project delivered to you.

Protelligent has staff with CIO credentials in diverse industries. This allows us to provide more than just superior engineering support. By elevating our engagements to the level of technology strategy, Protelligent is well positioned to ensure that the solution design meets the needs of the business and is defensible in the light of financial and executive review. For many clients, Protelligent is the primary technology strategist for the organization.

Whether it is our core cloud service and datacenter offerings, or a customer’s internal technology infrastructure, Protelligent has built a reputation for solutions architecture capable of supporting high-utilization, 24×7 environments.

Security is a critical component of every network/systems audit, solution design, technology implementation, and ongoing maintenance project that Protelligent performs. Protelligent staff is experienced in many security and compliance frameworks, including: PCI DSS, NIST, COBIT, FISMA, HIPAA, SOX, SSAE, and CCSK. The lead security engineer on the proposed Assessment Project holds CISSP, CCSK, and other certifications applicable to ITAR. He also has extensive experience deploying and managing solutions overseen by the Department of Defense.

Unlike many vendors, we engage with the in-house IT staff throughout the lifecycle of the project, from initial requirements gathering through post-implementation training. Many vendors interface only with the in-house IT team during initial requirements gathering and not again until post-implementation training. Protelligent works directly with your staff every step of the way.

Protelligent has cultivated strategic partnerships with vendors critical to our service delivery. These include: Microsoft, VMware, Cisco, Ruckus Wireless, Symantec, Ingram Micro, and others. These best of breed technology partners are foundational to our engineering expertise and solution development.

Protelligent was founded in 2002. The company is fiscally conservative and financially sound. This is critical because for many of our clients, we are a vital link in providing services to their customers. A vendor that is highly leveraged (financial debt), experiencing unmanaged growth, or fiscally mismanaged, is a significant risk to its clients. Protelligent manages our internal affairs with the same diligence used to provide services to our customers, ensuring the highest level of corporate stability.

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We thrive on solving seemingly impenetrable business problems with advanced engineering and best-of-breed technology and practices, delivered to provide the ideal user experience that’s both transparent and cost effective.

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