Top 5 Reasons to Consider IP Telephony

Cut the chord to costly phone bills and free your phone to travel anywhere. Many organizations with traditional phone systems are considering IP-based phone systems. Here are the top 5 reasons for considering a switch: 1. IP Telephony is a now a mature technology and affords the same uptime and availability as your traditional phone system. 2. IP Telephony can

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IT Resolutions for 2014

There are just a few weeks left in 2013, so now’s the time to launch a successful New Year. The following are our top five IT Resolutions that we recommend to clients: 1. Start managing your security patching and firmware upgrades. Don’t be a victim of viruses, malware, and obvious cyber attacks in 2014. Most damage occurs by exploiting security

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PTIconnect New Protelligent Tool To Support Clients

Protelligent launches its newest tool to support our clients, PTIconnect. Located at www.pticonnect.net, this web-based remote support tool allows Protelligent support engineers the ability to take remote control of user desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. It ensures rapid response and issue resolution for the end-users we support. Carson Morehouse, one of Protelligent’s support engineers says, “This new solution is great.

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5 Quick Tips for Moving Your Technology!

An essential aspect of an organized move is properly planning for your technology needs, which will result in reduced downtime in your new office space. The following are practices we implement with our clients, when planning to relocate their offices to a new location: 1) Notify your Information Technology Provider 90 days prior to your move. Ninety days should be

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