3 Tactics to Boost Your Confidence in Adopting New Technologies

Adopting new technologies is crucial to business growth; yet, worries about how to properly secure it are keeping small and medium-sized business owners from making this important investment, according to a recent Forrester Research study commissioned by the Columbus Collaboratory. In fact, 56% of business owners surveyed indicated that securing hybrid cloud technology caused them high or very high anxiety.
This lack of confidence often leads to other issues, such as slow or unfinished deployments that cause disruption, the over-purchasing of additional expensive tools, as well as an increased risk of costly cyber attacks.
Here are three simple tactics that will boost your confidence in fully adopting the newest technology, but most importantly, securing it.

  1. Start Simple
    Complexities of securing the right solution can be made easy by following longtime security best practices and processes. Strong credentialing and vulnerability management for any technology, emerging or well established, will always help reduce your risk of data breaches.
  1. Networking
    The Forrester Research study also found that more companies are turning to the market to gain a better understanding of how to properly deploy and adopt emerging technologies. Proactively talking with other businesses about their experiences can debunk misconceptions and offer valuable insights.
    You can further clarify all the risks and benefits by seeking the knowledge and expertise of a managed security service provider (MSSP), like Protelligent®. MSSPs can provide valuable case studies and customer references for extra peace of mind and proven results, from successful deployment and cybersecurity to return on investment.
  1. Support Your Team
    Ensuring your IT team has the proper budget, staffing and training to function at a higher level is foundational. Without these essential resources, you risk losing millions due to oversights, the purchase of unnecessary equipment and tools, as well as potential data breaches.
    Managed service providers can ease some of this burden with a range of IT services and resources, along with the breadth of knowledge and depth of experience you can depend on. From assessing, defining and deploying new technology to comprehensive security solutions and expert guidance, Protelligent delivers a variety of support levels that scale to fit your business needs.

By utilizing best security practices, gathering knowledge from other companies and designating the proper resources, you can gain the assurance necessary to safely and efficiently deploy the latest technologies, as well as properly secure them.
Give yourself a competitive advantage now! Call Protelligent at (855) PRO-TELL and get our Premonition Security Suite for the confidence you need to increase productivity, while protecting your investment.

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