In the aftermath of this month’s bug “Heartbleed,” security experts say there is little Internet users can do to protect themselves from this month’s recent discovery of the “Heartbleed” bug that exposes data to hackers. It is all up to website operators to fix, not website users.
Researchers have observed advanced hacking groups conducting automated scans of the internet in search of Web servers running a widely used Web encryption program knows as OpenSSL that makes them vulnerable to the theft of data, including passwords, confidential communications and credit card numbers. Experts continue to announce that there is nothing users can do to fix their computers, but that is up to website operators to upgrade their software.
Many industry experts have called on Internet companies to issue new certificates and keys for encrypting Internet traffic, which would make stolen keys useless, while others say this will be a much more complex and chaotic process that will affect systems for years to come.
As for Internet users, they should take care of the passwords that are most important to them and consider changing them now and changing them again in a week. As for credit cards, security experts recommend auditing your credit card statements very closely and that this most likely will become a standard practice for a while as a result.
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