As you have probably seen, there has been an increase in the attempts of spammers to entice you and your staff into downloading malicious files. This has come across most recently as emails from financial institutions, payroll providers, and other businesses asking you to download a file from Dropbox. These legitimate businesses would not deliver documents to you via Dropbox, nor any other file sharing cloud service. Here is an example of this type of malicious email:
Spam Malware Fake Email
The best defense to this type of attack is staff education. Make your staff aware of malicious attacks like this and to be wary of clicking on links or downloading files. Teach them to question unsolicited requests to click on links and download files. If they are unsure whether or not a specific email request is valid, council them to ask a supervisor before continuing.
Many of these risks can be mitigated by a strong security posture, through Protelligent’s approach of layered security. A strong Anti-X solution that identifies and disarms attacks like this is an integral part of this approach. If you think you are at risk and are looking for expert guidance, Protelligent can help.

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