Survey says?
A recent survey of 4,275 global IT security pros was both enlightening … and frightening.
Consider the findings of the survey:
57 percent: Felt their organizations were unprotected from sophisticated cyberattacks.
63 percent: Doubted they could stop the exfiltration of confidential information from their systems.
69 percent: Said cyberthreats were falling through the cracks in their systems.
44 percent: Had experienced one or more substantial cyberattacks in the last year.
59 percent: Said they lacked adequate intelligence or were unsure about the impact of the attacks.
51 percent: Noted their security solutions either couldn’t tell them what the root cause of an attack was or were unsure what it was.
59 percent: Said their organizations store their sensitive or confidential information in the cloud without protecting it by encryption or any other means.
One of the most interesting findings from the survey revealed a disconnect between the security pros and their companies’ leadership:
75 percent: Said their companies’ leaders didn’t equate the loss of confidential data with a potential loss of revenue.
What does all of this mean? As cyberattacks increase in both sophistication and sheer volume, those involved in protecting and securing systems seem to be losing confidence in their ability to protect their organizations’ information assets.

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