Cloud Computing & Datacenter Services

Enterprise-class Hosted Network Solutions


Best physical security, power, bandwidth and environmentals.


Empower your existing IT staff, and deliver control and confidence.


Enterprise-class IT infrastructure
at a SMB price.


Single source for both network expertise and cloud services.


Flexibility that delivers the difference to meet your unique needs.


Choose a blend of services for maximum utility.

Why Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is based on the concept of shared resources. By running computing resources in the cloud, small and medium businesses are able to take advantage of economies of scale that provide for Enterprise-class hardware, software, security, service, staff, performance, redundancy, flexibility, and scalability at a price significantly lower than traditional on-premise network infrastructure. You focus on your core revenue generating activities while we focus on ours: Keeping your business up and running with zero unplanned downtime.

Cloud Computing & Datacenter Services Complete – Enterprise-class Hosted Network Solutions

While Protelligent has had a Hosting and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) practice since its inception in 2002, new technologies such as virtualization have allowed us to dramatically improve our Cloud Services offering. More businesses are moving both their web applications and their corporate network resources to the Protelligent secure private cloud.

Protelligent’s customers have rigorous performance and security requirements. As their IT consultants, we make careful recommendations about the network infrastructure they should build or hire as a service. Our datacenters and virtualized hosting environment were built to deliver to our customers the qualities and standards we have always recommended.


Protelligent has chosen our primary datacenter for its best of breed physical security, power, bandwidth, and environmentals. To provide geographic redundancy Protelligent has chosen a second datacenter in Nevada, the first Tier IV facility in North America. Additional documentation is available on request.


Protelligent has partnered with VMware, Microsoft, Cisco, and HP to deliver hosted virtual servers, desktops, and network resources to meet your performance and security needs at a compelling price. By moving your business’s web or corporate network resources to the Protelligent environment, you will gain access to enterprise-class IT infrastructure for less than it costs to build out and maintain your own island of technology.

  • Based on VMware’s vCloud Premier Technology, delivering optimum performance and portability superior to Microsoft, Citrix, and homegrown virtualization technologies
  • Includes best of breed Cisco and F5 enterprise-class shared firewall, routing, switching, and load balancing options for optimal security, performance, and price
  • No single point of failure from firewall to storage, delivering complete uptime


Protelligent provides power, bandwidth, cabinet or floor space, security, and environmentals for your physical hosting needs. The following examples of flexibility deliver the difference that meets your unique needs:

  • Order units of physical space down to a single “U” and units of power down to a single amp
  • Bandwidth to your equipment that extends BGP to your cage, increasing resiliency
  • Access to shared enterprise-class network resources such as firewall, routing, switching, and load balancing at a compelling price
  • Access to virtual resources such as virtual servers and virtual SAN space to complement and augment your network footprint
  • Direct access to level three systems engineers for as-needed design consulting or remediation
  • Access to managed and cloud services to augment existing staff and improve performance


Protelligent offers professional services that empower your existing IT staff, and delivers control and confidence to your executive staff. Many businesses that consume cloud services from other cloud service providers turn to Protelligent to help them manage and direct their cloud service provider. We invite you to choose a single source for both expertise and cloud services. Unlike other service providers that bundle together services that should deliver a good network experience, Protelligent begins by guaranteeing the end user experience and works backwards to choose the staff and technologies that allow us to deliver on that guarantee.


At the end of the day, it is our breadth of services and our flexibility that make us so successful in meeting our clients’ needs. Our unique ability to blend and combine virtual and physical hosting offerings, no-touch to high-touch service, and enterprise-class hosting resources combined with enterprise-class engineering talent delivers our promise from day one: the best possible end user experience at the lowest possible cost.

What Protelligent’s Customers Are Saying

Protelligent Customers

Enterprise-class virtual and physical hosting services of a major datacenter
Depth of network engineering resources of an IT consulting firm
Strong customer advantage over their competition, because our customers receive the best possible user experience for the lowest possible cost.

Stop worrying about your IT backups and let us provide the confidence you need to solely focus on your business.

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