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The Undeniable Value of Strong IT Services

A Protelligent®, Inc. Testimonial from WorldLink Integration Group: The Undeniable Value of Strong IT Services. As a provider of IT services for companies across the nation, efficient and effective IT services are crucial to WorldLink Integration Group’s business operations. John Fecteau, CEO of WorldLink Integration Group, talks about how Protelligent’s Cloud Backup | CloudDR™ and ManagedIT Complete™ services keep their

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Business Continuity Ensured with ManagedIT and CloudDR

Protelligent® is honored to support Form I-9 Compliance by providing ManagedIT Complete™ and Cloud Backup | CloudDR™ services. Through the use of these outsourced IT services, Form I-9 Compliance is able to focus more on the needs of their clients, helping them to better protect their bottom lines and reduce legal risks. Watch the video below to learn more about

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