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7 Lesser-Known Security Tips for Your New Device

Hoping to find a new laptop, tablet, smartphone or other device under the tree? Every time you use technology, whether at work or at home, you are sharing personal identifiable information (PII). With any new device, you must take precautions to ensure safe processing and storage of this data. Without a proactive-security approach to defend against hackers and identity thieves,

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Top 8 Data Breaches Happening Now

Protelligent® is on top of data breaches happening around us every day. Equifax announced last week that an estimated 143 million people have been affected by a data breach caused by a website-application vulnerability. Meanwhile, the recent devastation in Texas and Florida caused by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma has created prime opportunities for hackers to prey upon people wishing to

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Ransomware & Phishing Security Knowledge Series Part 2

Protelligent®: Ransomware distribution and examples The threat is real! In our second video, Fred Groehler, Protelligent Principal Engineer, helps you protect yourself from ransomware, whaling and phishing attacks by showing real-world examples and explaining the different methods of distribution. Emails containing malicious attachments or embedded links are the most common method of ransomware, phishing and whaling distribution. Another distribution method

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The Rising Threat of Ransomware

Fred Groehler, Protelligent’s Principal Engineer: ”Ransomware is a whole new level of nasty malware, significantly impacting businesses over the last six months. Unlike previous malware versions, ransomware works to infect entire networks, encrypting business data and making it unusable. Without the appropriate anti-X services and a reliable disaster recovery solution, organizations are at greater risk than ever before.” Don’t let

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