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Hewlett Packard delivers superior server choices that can reliably support any workload. HP’s commitment to focused innovation allows customers to do more with less.

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HP Servers: Delivering Confidence and Reliability

Protelligent’s virtualized hosted offering is built on a foundation of HP BladeSystems. We have successfully met many small and medium business’s server consolidation goals though the deployment of ultra compact HP blade enclosures, individual HP rack mount servers, and HP storage solutions.

How can the flexibility of HP Systems help remedy large storage needs when tight budgets are in play? Cost savings is just the beginning. High-performance connected arrays are designed for enhanced functionality and efficient storage consolidation at affordable prices. Array resources can be shared over two protocols, supporting the needs of dissimilar departments and budgets. Data protection is increased through high volume snapshots and volume copy cloning.

Hewlett Packard solutions offer managed, highly affordable, highly efficient and flexible storage consolidation. Single controller models offer low initial investment, whereas dual controllers offer higher data protection. A wide choice of drive types means a high ROI. Start Small and Grow in Number of Supported Servers and Total Capacity – Adaptable to Changing Needs, HP MSA solutions allow customers to grow their storage as demands increase from hundreds of GB to hundreds of TB. MSA Arrays have more than sufficient LUN flexibility for a wide variety of configuration choices. Comprehensive data protection in an easily administered SAN environment reduces the risk of IT failure with options incorporating dual active/active controllers, dual-ported drives, and redundant hardware components.

Customers benefit from risk reduction – risk that would normally stem from operator error. The resultant reduction in downtime and data loss definitely increases customer satisfaction. HP enterprise solutions support customer replaceable hot-plug components such as drives, disk enclosures, controllers, fans and power supplies. Prior generations of MSAs can be supplanted, regardless of protocol.

HP blade servers are not subordinated to a network switch, storage, database software or other components, as is the case with some other vendors. HP BladeSystem requires fewer external switches, and customers enjoy the speed and simplicity of flatter LANs and SANs. To go one step deeper into the world of optimized resources, blades offer the ideal environment for consolidating physical servers through virtualization. Virtualizing on blades reduces power and cooling consumption by more than 37%, facility costs by nearly 57%, and hardware costs by nearly 50%, in addition to enhancing management options.

Protelligent delivers enterprise-class IT and security solutions, positioning you to achieve your vision, in the face of ever-increasing competition and constant change.