Nintex’s workflow platform powers digital workflow automation. We turn time-consuming tasks into a few simple clicks and inefficient, company-wide processes into well-run engines. We give you the ability to do more.

Nintex Workflow: Automate processes with clicks, not code

With Nintex Workflow, you can tackle everything from basic business functions to company-wide processes with a few clicks – not code. Quickly turn time-consuming, unstructured processes into automated, efficient workflows. Make every part of your business work better, across all departments and functions.

Nintex Forms: Forms as fast as point, click, done

Forms are a critical source of information for your company, and there’s a way for them to work harder within your workflow. Design forms using pre-defined layouts for any device, form factor or screen size. By eliminating steps from mundane processes, Nintex Forms makes it easier to route data to the correct locations, and keep teams working efficiently.

Nintex Mobile: Mobile workflow and forms: Put your work in your pocket and go

Nintex Mobile allows you to do your job wherever your work takes you. Capture data, submit requests, complete tasks, review and approve content – all from your mobile device. Keep work flowing securely while you’re on the move – both online and offline.

Nintex Hawkeye Workflow Analytics: A 30,000-foot view of every inch of every workflow

Nintex Hawkeye is a workflow analytics solution that offers an unprecedented view into your process portfolio across the entire Nintex Workflow Platform. Nintex Hawkeye helps you understand the size and scale of your workflows, make informed decisions regarding deployment and migration of workflows, analyze data, and derive insights to better understand which processes should be automated.

Nintex App Studio: Easily create custom, targeted, and powerful mobile process applications

Use Nintex App Studio to build and deploy focused mobile process applications across Nintex Workflow Cloud™, SharePoint on premises, and SharePoint Online without writing a single line of code.

Nintex Document Generation: Let your documents do the work

Simplify document creation using the same data and documents you use today. Generate documents from any standard or custom Salesforce object at the click of a button with Nintex Drawloop Document Generation. Use the Document Generation Action for Office 365 to create secure workflow processes that automatically assemble well-formatted, customized documents in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF.

Nintex Connectors: Workflows without boundaries

You rarely find everything necessary for a process in one place. People work in multiple content systems, cloud services and line-of-business apps inside and outside the organization. Nintex Connectors span boundaries and provide seamless integration to keep work moving between systems.

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