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Managed Security & Compliance

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A high-function, collaborative and responsive security operation should not be out of reach for any organization; however, it takes proper planning and expertise to implement the right platforms and prioritize threat information. Protelligent’s Premonition™ Security Suite levels the playing field, extending a cross-industry, cross-platform, enterprise-class experience to small and medium-sized organizations.


Measure security program relevance and effectiveness

How effective is your cyber self-defense strategy? Really.

The increasing complexity of the cyber threat landscape has elevated information security to the top of the list of organizational imperatives. Articulating a clear roadmap of how information security strategy maps to the realities of business is vital. Protelligent® provides collaborative and strategic services designed to better equip organizations to plan, build and run business-aligned, threat-aware, security programs.

  • Measure your organization’s cyber-attack resiliency.
  • Actionable security remediation roadmap prioritized by risk and value.
  • Findings and recommendations to elevate your cyber self-defense posture in board-ready format.


Immersed in frameworks including HIPAA and PCI

As regulatory mandates multiply and become more complex, so does an organization’s human resource and knowledge maintenance requirements to achieve and sustain compliance readiness. Protelligent’s cross-industry experience and business-aligned approach helps transform compliance efforts into competitive delineators.

  • Immersed in various compliance frameworks including HIPAA and PCI
  • Custom audit framework with compliance crosswalk
  • Always-on compliance awareness through real-time risk correlation
  • Simplify your approach to compliance governance across functional areas and platforms

HIPAA Compliance is not Optional

Safeguarding electronic protected health information (ePHI) is required by law for all HIPAA covered entities and business associates. The HIPAA Security Rule requires that recurring technical and administrative risk assessments be performed to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of ePHI. Protelligent goes beyond the periodic assessment and achieves a highly visible and measurable state of compliance. As your trusted compliance partner, Protelligent® engages you to proactively address changes to HIPAA laws and security requirements, and helps keep the pulse of emerging products and services from which your compliance programs may benefit.


Adherence to the 12 requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is mandatory for all merchants, financial institutions and vendors collecting, processing, or storing cardholder data. Protelligent takes the bulk of the burden off you by providing PCI compliance scanning and attestation, security engineers, technical writers and more, to provide collaborative and pragmatic PCI compliance readiness and remediation services.

  • Pre-audit gap analysis
  • Sensitive data discovery
  • Policy and procedure development
  • Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) guidance
  • Security and compliance awareness training


Put your people, programs and tech to the test

Real-world Attack Scenarios

Our certified engineers and security executives will coordinate with you to simulate tactics, techniques and procedures of real-world attackers to discover critical vulnerabilities to remediate before they can be leveraged against you.

The Process

Protelligent® goes beyond the simulation to apply critical thinking, creativity and breadth of experience to identify flawed logic, configuration issues, vulnerability chaining and more to show the actual and potential attack surfaces.

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  • Examination of network and application layer technical security controls, internally-developed or commercial applications along with wireless and mobile-access device configurations for risks and vulnerabilities
  • Social engineering that is specifically designed to prove the effectiveness of your security awareness program by attempting to leverage client personnel, e.g. email phishing
  • Physical security control analysis and attempted bypass, e.g. tailgating


Expert Assistance When You Need it Most

Minutes Matter.

Threat detection offers little value without appropriate response. In recent and notable data breach cases, the impact was felt long after the initial compromise. Often, compromise is felt immediately, e.g. ransomware attacks. Delayed or improper containment and remediation of cyber-attacks exponentially increase the costs of compromise, and increase the likelihood a breach will occur again.

Our team of engineers use advanced tools and techniques to quickly identify, contain, and thwart threat activity.

  • Accelerated analysis and response to known and zero-day threat activity
  • Advanced tools, techniques and expertise to hunt, contain, and eradicate active binaries and malware
  • Incident impact analysis with recommendations for automating response components and hardening cyber defenses


Address the Human Elements of Cyber Self-defense

The Right Training Anytime, Anywhere.

Protelligent® offers interactive, instructor-led courses online that cover a range of security topics relevant to the current cyber threat landscape, e.g. email phishing scams. Our Learning Management System-as-a-Service (LMSaaS) offers a cost-effective, intuitive solution to deliver and deploy threat awareness training for employees.

  • Managed course content for continued relevance
  • Email notifications and reminders
  • End-of-course exams to demonstrate comprehension
  • Certificates of Completion
  • Multi-lingual support and modular licensing options
  • Online reporting and progress tracking

Protect Your Organization Against Ransomware

Ransomware attacks have increased by 300% in the last two years! In a time of heightened security breaches, protecting your organization’s data begins with understanding how cybersecurity threats happen and what to do in the event of an attack. In part one of our three-part video series, Protelligent’s Principal Engineer, Fred Groehler, explains how to safeguard information by sharing the definitions of ransomware, phishing and whaling, and the differences between these malicious attacks.


Event Collection, Correlation, Monitoring and Alerting

Security Event Monitoring & Alerting

Understanding what normal activity looks like in an environment is essential to identifying threat activity. Protelligent’s proven, layered approach incorporates Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology to provide continuous, centralized, event collection and threat correlation for every layer of the stack.

Protelligent’s Security Operations Center (SOC) watches your network, investigates security alarms, tunes the system to keep up with the current threat landscape and works with you when actionable threat information surfaces. No need to watch the screen day and night – we do that for you. An alarm can be a singular event, a series of events, a sequence of events or a scenario of events. Protelligent® helps translate events and scenarios into actionable detection and response methodologies.
Protelligent will customize automated incident response activities; for example, at 1:00 a.m. on Saturday, when events are detected and correlated to specific threats or active attacks, the offending machines can be programmatically isolated from the network logically. Although the offending systems will remain powered on, they will not be able to traverse the network until the incident is investigated and cleared.

Collaborative Platform Management

Security is often made to sound much simpler to implement and maintain than it really is; there is no “set-it-and-forget-it.” Capitalizing on security investments requires time and a commitment to threat-knowledge and platform maintenance that many organizations cannot afford.

With experience supporting and managing a variety of NextGen platforms, our team of certified security professionals will help dial-in and manage existing security platforms to prevent your investment from becoming “ideaware.”

Achieve a higher level of security readiness in less time by shifting the functional security responsibility to our experts. This allows your IT team to focus on priority projects and other revenue generating activities.

  • Managed or co-managed SIEM & SOC operations
  • Host and network intrusion detection service (HIDS/NIDS)
  • Passive vulnerability scanning
  • Data leakage monitoring (DLM)
  • File integrity monitoring (FIM)
  • Event logging and retention
  • Ongoing policy and response tuning and optimization
  • Application behavioral monitoring (whitelisting/blacklisting)
  • SOC performance and risk awareness reporting

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“As a leading provider of healthcare services, the security of our network is paramount. That is why we chose Protelligent as our security consultant.”

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