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At Protelligent, we firmly believe that your success is our success. As such, we partner with you to craft solutions that will both meet your needs today, and grow with your tomorrow. We believe that enterprise-class support should be attainable for you, no matter what size your organization is. We believe in offering exemplary support in a manner that is cost-effective and consistent. Simply, we believe in forging long-lasting and successful partnerships. Don’t you?

Virtualization and Storage

There’s no reason to struggle though the various virtualization options from Citrix, Microsoft, and VMware alone. Trust our seasoned engineers to help you complete a virtualization project with optimal results.

Migrations & Technology Upgrades

Our engineers have completed the upgrade you’re considering multiple times and can provide you with easy IT wins. Careful consideration of cost and impact delivers sensible wins for our clients.

Networking and Security

Network design is at the core of our skill set and we will help you develop a network infrastructure that adheres to best practices and delivers the security you need.

Security Audits & Penetration

Security is an integral part of networking, built in at every level of network design. Our security practice will ensure your network adheres to the industry’s best practices.

Desktop Virtualization

Virtual Desktops are the latest and most powerful tool to provide a consistent computing experience to demanding users across all of their devices.

Private and Hybrid Cloud

We have built our cloud deployment practice around meeting the specific cost and performance needs of IT Directors and CFOs alike.

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