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Protelligent recognizes that many clients who rely on our expertise in the Information Technology arena also need expertise in the design, engineering, deployment and run aspects of the associated WAN, ISP and Telecom assets needed to support the organization. This has been compounded by the convergence of voice, video and data onto a single IP platform—one where traditional voice engineering expertise falls short. Protelligent’s WAN & Telecom Management practice can apply to the network only, the CPE (customer premise equipment) only, or both. This includes the “telephone system” as well as the supporting data infrastructure, whether the voice application be hosted or premise-based.

Our Framework for a Well-Managed Environment

  • Internet Access & Capacity Planning
  • WAN Performance & Capacity Planning
  • PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) Facility Review & Traffic Studies
  • Long Distance Rate Plan Optimization
  • Maintenance Contract Review
  • Governance & Security
  • Additional services as needed

Internet Access & Capacity Planning

Semi-annually the bandwidth utilization of the Internet access services are reviewed and reported, along with a recommendation for change as applicable. This includes a review in the client environment that would have visibility to upcoming changes in the organization that would impact Internet access beyond the current situation.

WAN Performance & Capacity Planning

Semi-annual WAN review and recommendations. In addition, the following characteristics are reviewed for compliancy to ensure the client’s applications are adequately supported: •

  • Port Availability at 99.99% availability
  • Packet Loss at 99.9%
  • Latency at <40-50 ms one way within ethernet network
  • Packet Jitter at <30 ms

PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) Facility Review & Traffic Studies

As the PSTN is the means by which the outside world is often reached, whether it is a local or long distance call, ensuring the right technologies (analog trunks, Centrex, PRI, SIP, tie lines, etc.) is important and in the correct amount.

PSTN Access Medium: Once a year the changes in usage volumes and applications are reviewed, and expert guidance provided.

CO (Central Office) traffic study: Once a year, a one-week duration traffic study is provided. This tells us how much traffic is on every voice facility. The report will show the quantity needed to achieve a P.01 grade of service, meaning one busy per one hundred call attempts is considered acceptable. Such a study from the Telco CO is the only way to accurately gauge this as a PBX or private phone system has no way of knowing how many call attempts are hitting a busy condition; once a circuit is busy, the PBX has no way of measuring additional attempts on the same circuit at the same time.

Long Distance Rate Plan Optimization

Annually a review is done of all intrastate, interstate and calls outside the US. Likewise on any toll free services in place. These statistics are compared to the in-place long distance plan to ensure the current rate plan is being optimized. If a less costly alternative is available, a recommendation is provided.

Maintenance Contract Review

Annually the PBX inventory and repair records are reviewed for accurate PBX maintenance quotes, both from the vendor for the break/fix support, and the manufacturer specific to software support. The costs for each are presented along with the correspondent asset management records.

Governance & Security

In addition to the reporting noted above, Telecom & WAN Management also places client-based controls in the client environment. As a minimum, the following would be implemented and would apply to both CPE and network related resources:

  1. No orders for new service would be accepted by any 3rd party/vendor unless the requesting agent or client employee was on a pre-approved list with the 3rd party/vendor.
  2. No orders for service changes or deletions would be accepted by any 3rd party/vendor unless the requesting agent or client employee was on a pre-approved list with the 3rd party/vendor.
  3. Trouble reporting and associated escalations remain the responsibility of the client.

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