Creating ROI for Venture Capital Company

Fjord Ventures knows the value that focusing on core business competencies and partnership brings to their bottom line, as well as those of the entrepreneurs they fund. That is why they depend on Protelligent® to deliver ManagedIT Complete™ and Cloud Backup | CloudDR™ services.
24/7/365 monitoring is just one of the ways our fully-integrated ManagedIT Complete service protects Fjord’s network from end-to-end. This allows Fjord to develop and execute their non-traditional approach to creating unique growth opportunities for their partners.
Business continuity is another key factor in Fjord’s approach to helping the businesses they mentor succeed. Our Cloud Backup | CloudDR service gives them the ability to recover quickly in the event of an unforeseen disaster, and continue operations from any location with internet connectivity.
Fjord Ventures values the knowledge and expertise Protelligent provides so much, they refer the organizations in their portfolio, like Sonendo®, to us for IT solutions that support their ability to innovate.
Protelligent is passionate about building relationships with our customers by providing the enterprise-class solutions and guidance they need to generate revenue and grow. Find out how our services can level the playing field for your small or medium-sized organization. Call us at (855) PRO-TELL.

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