Protelligent Ensures Compliance with Duo Security

Duo Security knows security and compliance are crucial to ensuring the success of their customers. Their security expertise includes compliance, two-factor authentication and endpoint remediation that provides their customers with the tools they need to ensure they adhere to the latest in compliance standards. Protelligent® recognizes the importance of ensuring compliance, and has chosen to partner with Duo Security to provide solutions to our customers.
Through Protelligent’s use of Duo Security’s Trusted Access platform, you can be confident your business is up to date with even the latest compliance standards. In addition to requiring two-factor authentication before accessing your data, Protelligent is also able to scan your device to ensure there is not a potential risk factor waiting to attack your system. This allows us to ensure sensitive information is only accessed by authorized users, and will not be susceptible to a data breach.
In addition to setting a security profile based on the standards for your industry, we utilize Duo Security technologies to identify accessing devices, and flag those that have out-of-date software. By flagging these “at risk” devices and blocking them from data access until they are updated, we can assist you in protecting your information from vulnerabilities.
Find out how Protelligent can level the playing field for your organization through Duo Security, or call us today at (855) PRO-TELL.

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