Sensitive Technological Data Secured with Cloud Backup | CloudDR

Protelligent® is honored to support Sonendo® by providing ManagedIT Complete and Cloud Backup | CloudDR services. By outsourcing IT services, Sonendo is able to focus on transforming dentistry and changing patients’ lives.
Sonendo provides Multisonic Ultracleaning technology that delivers an elevated level of cleaning in the fields of endodontics and dentistry. Their acoustic technology has reduced doctors’ reliance on standard dental instruments and practices.
Sonendo’s desire to lead the transformation of dentistry through Sound Science®, led them to choose Protelligent’s ManagedIT Complete service to level the playing field. Our ManagedIT Complete delivers 24x7x365 monitoring, which ensures the critical systems that hold customer data are fully functional to avert potential downtime. While limiting exposure to vulnerabilities, ManagedIT Complete also protects the systems that hold information dedicated to creating and improving their innovative dental-cleaning technology.
Sonendo recognized the importance of guarding their technology records and files against unforeseen disasters, and elected to use our Cloud Backup | CloudDR service. CloudDR provides three different levels of backup and data restoration and recovery: local backup on Sonendo’s internal systems, offsite replication and recovery using Protelligent’s secure data centers and cloud restoration to provide recovery in the event of fire, flood or theft to guarantee minimal data loss.
Protelligent values our relationship with Sonendo and looks forward to supporting them as they continue to make technological advancements that will help improve the lives of patients, and ensure the success of dental practices.

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