The 1 Thing You Need Most When Converting to the Cloud

In today’s cyber-threat landscape, there is no room for human error when setting up your cloud systems. Whether you have an internal IT team or an outside service provider, cloud conversion isn’t something just anyone can do. The latest misconfiguration mishaps with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Server buckets being set to allow anyone in the public to access confidential information is nothing short of an invitation for malicious activity. These completely avoidable mistakes underline the necessity for relying on professionals with the latest knowledge and experience to properly convert your infrastructure and critical data to the cloud, while keeping it secure.
Here are just a few examples of how these simple oversights can wind up costing SMB owners, like you, millions of dollars that could destroy your business.

  • A misconfiguration in two of Time Warner Cable’s Amazon S3 buckets put into place by a third-party contractor was discovered while security analysts were investigating an unrelated breach of another company. This mishap caused the information of four million customers to be accessible to the Internet.
  • Los Angeles County 211, a non-profit organization that provides referrals to all health and human services entities in Los Angeles County, failed to properly configure permissions to an AWS bucket. This mistake exposed everything from worker credentials to extremely sensitive client data, including call notes about suicidal despair, elder and child abuse, and in some cases, corresponding names, addresses and Social Security numbers.
  • FedEx inadvertently left hundreds of thousands of scanned documents openly accessible, including passports and drivers licenses, by leaving an AWS bucket open to the public.

The right level of expertise when setting up your cloud systems is the only way to prevent little mistakes with potentially devastating consequences. Protelligent’s certified managed-security engineers have the depth of knowledge and credibility required to navigate all the subtle nuances when building and deploying cloud solutions. We can also assess your existing setup to pinpoint vulnerabilities and provide you with an actionable security remediation roadmap prioritized by risk and value.
Ensure your cloud conversion is deployed by experts! Call Protelligent at (855) PRO-TELL and get our Premonition Security Suite for the confidence you need to focus on identifying new customer opportunities, instead of worrying about security in the cloud.

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