The Importance of the Right Cybersecurity Leadership

Organizations are starting to realize there is much more to a strong IT organization than ensuring the integrity of cybersecurity. Any business, small or large, can learn from Capital One Bank’s recent removal of their chief information security officer (CISO) after a slew of problems, including a massive data breach announced in July.
Capital One’s woes highlight the potential consequences that come from poor leadership, not listening to cybersecurity and IT experts and lack of proactive decision-making, including:

    • Computing environment instability
    • Systems integration issues
    • Additional costs associated with technology not being deployed in a timely manner
    • High staff turnover rates
    • Lack of efficiency, productivity, innovation and growth opportunities

While not all small and medium-sized businesses may have access to this level of expertise in house, partnering with a managed security provider, like Protelligent®, can bridge this gap. We provide scalable support that fits your business, through the following services:

    • End-to-end security with Premonition™ Security Suite
    • Strategic planning to reduce risks and lower costs
    • Managed IT™ Complete services that give you greater control and visibility
    • Certified design and deployment expertise
    • Seasoned knowledge and experience with changing and emerging technologies

Call Protelligent® now at (855) PRO-TELL and find out how we can give you the confidence to focus on identifying growth opportunities and generating new revenue.
We can also help you get ahead of other risks right now, like the critical Microsoft end-of-life deadline for two of its most widely-used products that’s just a few weeks away. By taking advantage of our valuable offer, you can save on initial upfront costs and avoid vulnerabilities that could bring next year’s goals to a standstill.



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FREE Customized Remediation Plan – A complete roadmap prioritized by risk and value

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