The Answer to Our Most Critical Question

For DevicePharm™, the most important question that relates to their IT solution is, “will it work?” Protelligent’s ManagedIT Complete™ and Cloud Backup | CloudDR™ services and expertise were the ultimate answer. DevicePharm™ CEO, Clay Wilemon, talks about how Protelligent takes care of their IT management needs with 24/7/365 monitoring and seamless user support.

When it comes to your IT solution, the one big question as a business owner that you always have is, “is it going to work?” Is it going to work day-to-day, and is it going to work in the event of a crisis of some sort?
Our previous challenges with IT vendors really had been that some of the solutions that were proposed didn’t work. Ultimately, there was a competency or an expertise issue there.
Protelligent made it clear from the beginning that they had the competency, they had the expertise, they had the knowledge and experience to design solutions that were actually going to work, and that has been a great asset, and frankly provided great confidence and peace of mind.
From a customer service perspective, Protelligent really has been a breath of fresh air. They know what they are doing. The solutions that are proposed actually get executed and work, and the team that interacts with our team on a day-to-day basis is both competent and most importantly, have a great attitude and are concerned for the success of our business.
Protelligent has been a valued partner in coming in and defining solutions for us to our IT infrastructure that have actually worked. They’ve been scalable, they’ve been cost effective, and we’ve gotten them done when we say we would get them done.
Frankly, with Protelligent on as a partner now for almost two years, I look at the amount of time that I spent on IT issues, it’s considerably declined, and frankly I know that we have a partner that is working 24/7 looking at our IT needs and I don’t have to.
We are very confident in Protelligent, it’s the best IT relationship that we have ever had at DevicePharm™.

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