Urgent Deadline: Support Ends January 14, 2020 for Server 2008 and Windows 7


January 14, 2020 marks the end of Microsoft’s Extended Support for Windows 7, Windows Server 2008/R2, bringing the following to a screeching halt:


Windows Server 2008/R2 and Exchange Server 2010

  • Free security updates on-premises
  • Non-security updates
  • Free support options
  • Online technical content update

Windows 7

  • No technical support
  • No software updates
  • No security updates

What exactly does all this mean for organizations still using these products after the deadline? In addition to increasing the likelihood of cybersecurity incidents that come with loss of revenue, there are a host of other related implications that could create serious risks.

  1. Increased regulatory compliance penalties
    Organizations required to operate in accordance with regulatory compliance mandates, such as HIPAA or PCI DSS can expect enhanced penalties if a data breach can be traced back to failure to maintain technology assets. This means increased monetary fines and/or loss of licensure or accreditation that could have potentially devastating consequences.

  2. Compatibility and performance issues
    Without software updates, such as bug fixes and compatibility testing, these systems will ultimately experience decreased performance, downgrading user experience and reducing productivity, while increasing support costs.

  3. Cyber-liability insurance challenges
    Companies enrolled in or considering cyber-liability insurance should read the fine print in their policies for stipulations that require the use of supported and maintained equipment and software. Claims can be denied or delayed, and coverage can even be cancelled if the policy holder is found to be non-compliant with these requirements at any point during the term.

As this deadline quickly closes in, there are several ways Protelligent® can help you reduce upfront costs. With a purchase of Microsoft 365 Business, your organization can get a free software upgrade on all of your old Windows Pro licensed devices (Windows 7, 8 or 8.1) at no additional licensing cost. We can also help you migrate your systems to this or another supported solution – on premises, in the cloud or hybrid – with the urgency you need.


Through January 14, 2020, we are offering a FREE initial assessment of the impacts of Microsoft’s deadline to your computing environments, along with a FREE remediation plan.

Plus, we’ll give you 10% off project labor if you partner with us to implement your remediation plan. Depending on the size of your organization, this offer could save you thousands of dollars.

We can also provide ongoing support and maintenance through service offerings like ManagedIT™ Complete and Premonition™ Security Suite to keep your organization thriving.

Schedule a call with a consulting engineer to get started on your FREE Microsoft Server 2008 and Windows 7 assessment and remediation plan now!

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