Protelligent® is proud to partner with Action Fasteners to provide ManagedIT™ Complete and Cloud Backup | CloudDR™ services. Through the use of our services, Action Fasteners is able to focus more on the growth of their product sales, and less on the equipment and technology used to complete those sales.
Action Fasteners is based in Spokane, WA and specializes in providing nuts, bolts, screws and other types of fasteners through both their online store and brick and mortar locations. Prior to this partnership with Protelligent, Action Fasteners’ owner, Tim Jackson, went through multiple outsource IT individuals and organizations, and spent 25-30% of his time fixing IT issues.
During the process of purchasing a new ERP solution, Action Fasteners hired Protelligent to help them fully understand its functionality and options to ensure the solution was the right fit. Protelligent used its expertise to pare down the cost of this ERP solution by identifying which functionality and options Action Fasteners needed for their business.
Prior to meeting with Protelligent, Jackson felt tied down focusing on day-to-day business without knowing how to progress and plan for the future. Protelligent helped Action Fasteners level the playing field so they could begin planning their long-term strategic vision. The 24x7x365 monitoring of our ManagedIT Complete service ensures the company’s systems are functioning efficiently on a daily basis, averting downtime which would otherwise hinder sales.
Action Fasteners also utilizes Protelligent’s Cloud Backup | CloudDR service to secure data and protect against any unforeseen disasters. The CloudDR service provides backup and restoration on Action Fasteners’ systems, as well as an offsite duplication and data recovery from Protelligent’s secure data centers. Cloud Restoration allows data recovery in the event of a theft or natural disaster. With the ability to backup systems on three different levels and the restoration/recovery offered by each, our Cloud Restoration service guarantees minimal data loss. This allows Action Fasteners to dedicate more time to customer service, secure in the knowledge that CloudDR has them covered.
Protelligent is looking forward to building a long-lasting relationship with Action Fasteners by providing IT services that help them establish a bridge between their present business practices and future goals. We are proud to support Action Fasteners with solutions that allow them to continue playing a role in the growth and development of our community.
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