3 Solutions to One of Your Biggest Security Challenges

When faced with a cyber threat, the differing views of C-level executives and IT teams can create a divide within a company that may place it at a disadvantage. IT departments are tasked with maintaining and securing business technology, both of which increase business expenses. C-level executives have the responsibility to reduce overall business risk, as well as cost. Aligning these two opposing goals often results in off-the-shelf security practices that may not fit your business needs.
Protelligent® knows minimizing business risk and overhead costs should never come at the expense of your security. Here are three ways our all-inclusive Premonition Security Suite will help you align the priorities and objectives of executive leadership and IT.

  1. Understanding what an organization’s normal technological activities look like is essential to identifying threat activity. Unfortunately, the time required to fully review the day-to-day technology is often used as a deterrent to creating the necessary security-strategy overview. Coupled with the “set-it-and-forget-it” mindset, executives often believe security is easier to implement and maintain than it really is.Through Protelligent’s security information and event management (SIEM) technology and our security operations center (SOC) we are able to provide continuous event collection and threat correlation, while watching your network, investigating alarms and ensuring systems keep up with the current threat landscape.
  2. Equifax and Kaspersky Lab antivirus software are two of the most recent cyber attacks making headlines. For these companies and many others, the impact of their data breaches will be felt long after the initial compromise is resolved. C-level executives and IT professionals must work together to immediately contain and resolve a cyber attack. Delayed or improper containment can lead to additional costs and increase the likelihood that another breach will occur.If you have been the victim of a data breach, Premonition’s rapid response and recovery can help you get back on track. Our engineers use advanced tools and techniques to quickly identify, contain and block threat activity. We also provide incident-impact analysis, along with recommendations for automating response components and strengthening cyber defenses.
  3. Security plans are often tailored to prevent well-known or previously-encountered attack methods. However, this approach is not sufficient when met with newly-developed attack procedures designed to circumvent existing security programs. Accepting the reality that your security will be breached at some point, and reviewing your ability to detect and respond to threats is crucial to building an effective security solution.Our certified engineers and security executives will coordinate with you to simulate tactics, techniques and procedures of real-world attackers. This penetration testing procedure helps identify critical vulnerabilities to remediate before they can be leveraged against you.
Finding an innovative security solution that provides a good return on investment is the key to ensuring both C-level executives and IT teams are able to fulfill their business responsibilities. Call (855) PRO TELL to learn more about how Protelligent’s Premonition Security Suite can level the playing field for your business and help you focus on identifying new customer opportunities.

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