Top 5 Reasons to Consider IP Telephony

Cut the chord to costly phone bills and free your phone to travel anywhere.
Many organizations with traditional phone systems are considering IP-based phone systems. Here are the top 5 reasons for considering a switch:
1. IP Telephony is a now a mature technology and affords the same uptime and availability as your traditional phone system.
2. IP Telephony can be on-premise or hosted. A hosted IP Telephony solution is an interesting option for organizations looking to upgrade their phone system without incurring a large capital expenditure. A hosted solution allows organizations to get the benefit of a new system while only paying a monthly service fee.
3. Phone and phone number portability. IP Telephony allows users the ability to easily move their phone from desk to desk and office to office (even a home office).
4. Integration of your data and voice networks opens up new doors of functionality, including voicemail-to-email support, and computer soft-phones (an application running on your computer that allows you to make calls through the phone system).
5. One less vendor to manage. With IP Telephony, your IT provider will manage your entire computing environment, including your phone system. And with intuitive management interfaces, simple changes can be handled by your staff.
If you are interested in evaluating how an IP Telephony solution fits into your organization, please contact Protelligent at (855) PRO-TELL.

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