A Protelligent Inc. Testimonial: An IT Partner with a Path to the Future

Hear Protelligent, Inc.’s customer Tim Jackson, owner of Action Fasteners,
describe 5 key benefits of having a strategic and visionary IT solutions partner.

Prior to Protelligent, Tim Jackson went through multiple outsourced IT organizations and individuals. Action Fasteners was just about to hire a full-time IT person when his CFO said, “You need to hire Protelligent”. The company was in the midst of purchasing a new ERP solution and needed a trusted resource to help them fully understand the options and functionality to confirm the solution was the right fit.
We saw this as an opportunity to provide in depth services specific to Action Fasteners needs. Protelligent provided:

    1. Exhaustive review of the ERP solution and Action Fastener’s business requirements.
    2. Acted as technical liaison between Action Fasteners and the ERP vendor.
    3. Helped them pair down the cost of the ERP solution by identifying only the functionality and options that Action Fasteners needed for their business.
    4. Audited their computing environment and provided guidance on what infrastructure changes would be required to successfully deploy the new ERP solution and update outdated technologies.
    5. Completed an infrastructure refresh, including wireless networking, server virtualization, and ERP deployment.
    6. Continue to provide ManagedIT Complete services, ensuring that their computing infrastructure remains reliable, secure, and supported for their staff.

As part of this, we feel Tim was able to gain more than just a secure and reliable IT solutions provider. With Protelligent, he gained unexpected benefits that allowed him to focus on his business and a partner that could provide a vision and strategy for future growth.
To learn more about Protelligent and how we can create a strategic IT solution that fits your needs, contact us at (855) 776-8355 or visit our ManagedIT Complete page.
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