Protelligent® is excited to partner with with Community Link Consulting to provide ManagedIT™ Complete and Cloud Backup | CloudDR™ services. Through the use of our services, Community Link Consulting will be able to spend more time focusing on the needs of their individual clients, and less time managing their data and IT systems.
Community Link Consulting (CLC) is a Newman Lake, WA company that offers top-quality, professional services to federally qualified health centers at a fraction of the cost it would take to hire and train their own staff. CLC provides a wide range of outsourced assistance and support to its clients through proven strategies and expertise, including management and financial services along with compliance and billing, helping to lower the cost of healthcare for everyone.
With an increasing customer base, Community Link Consulting chose our ManagedIT Complete service to fill their need for a comprehensive IT solution and level the playing field. ManagedIT Complete ensures CLC’s staff has access to the tools they need to continue providing quality service to their customer base without compromising their own systems. With constant 24x7x365 monitoring, our ManagedIT Complete service helps resolve any potential issues and avert downtime before it happens. It also aids in maintaining network security and limiting exposure to vulnerabilities, while providing seamless support to virtually any location with mobile device management.
We are also excited that Community Link Consulting has chosen to utilize our Cloud Backup | CloudDR service to protect against any unforeseen disasters. The CloudDR service provides backup and restoration on CLC’s local systems, as well as offsite duplication and data recovery from Protelligent’s secure data centers. Cloud Restoration allows data recovery in the event of a theft or natural disaster. With the ability to backup systems on three different levels and the restoration/recovery offered by each, our Cloud Restoration service guarantees minimal data loss.
Protelligent is proud to be supporting Community Link Consulting by delivering IT services that help them continue to lower the costs of community health centers and maintain the health of our community.
Learn more about our ManagedIT Complete and Cloud Backup | CloudDR services.

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