We are excited to partner with Critical Power Products & Services to provide ManagedIT™ Complete and Cloud Backup | CloudDR™ services. Through the use of these services, Critical Power looks forward to being able to spend less time in the office managing data and IT, and more time in the field focusing on the recovery and redistribution of mission-critical equipment in the local area.

Watch the video below to learn more about the support Protelligent provides to Critical Power Products & Services.

Critical Power Products & Services is based in Spokane Valley, WA and specializes in resource recovery and asset management. Their specialized team of uninstallers and riggers conducts an on-site facility walk-through for local companies to create a plan for the removal of outdated equipment. Critical Power then removes, cleans and refurbishes this equipment in preparation of providing it to other local businesses.

Through their community-focused resource recovery and asset management program, Critical Power is able to extend the life of complex and expensive equipment by providing it to companies that need it the most. This program helps keep mission-critical equipment out of landfills, while offering a cost savings of up to 40-60% to other businesses.

As a rapidly growing company, Critical Power Products & Services realized the need for expanded IT capabilities and selected Protelligent’s ManagedIT Complete to ensure their future growth and operational efficiency. Our ManagedIT Complete service ensures Critical Power’s employees have access to the tools they need to complete each step of their recovery and management process efficiently and effectively on a daily basis.

With Constant 24x7x365 monitoring, Protelligent’s ManagedIT Complete service helps resolve any potential issues and avert downtime. The Proactive Security Management and Risk Mitigation aids in maintaining network security and limiting exposure to vulnerabilities. In addition, seamless support to virtually any location and mobile device management make the ManagedIT Complete service ideal for companies such as Critical Power who complete work outside their home offices.

Critical Power has also elected to utilize the Cloud Backup | CloudDR service provided by Protelligent ® to protect against any potential future disasters. The CloudDR service provides local backup and restoration on Critical Power’s systems, offsite replication and data recovery from Protelligent’s secure data centers, while Cloud Restoration allows data recovery even in the event of fire, flood or theft! With backup and restoration/recovery offered on three different levels, the CloudDR service guarantees minimal data loss which allows Critical Power to dedicate more time to resource recovery and asset management.

Protelligent is proud to offer these services to Critical Power Products & Services and support them in their promise to remain community-focused – a promise they have upheld for 20+ years. Their ability to assist hundreds of customers with the removal of outdated or obsolete equipment, while providing this equipment to local companies in need, helps make our community a stronger place to live, work and grow!

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