Investigation Services Secured with ManagedIT and CloudDR

Protelligent® is proud to support Santoni Investigations by providing ManagedIT Complete™ and Cloud Backup | CloudDR™ services. By outsourcing these IT services, Santoni Investigations is able to spend more time gathering information for their clients, secure in the knowledge that the data they collect is protected.

Watch the video below to hear more from Tim Santoni about their decision making process and their experience and partnership with Protelligent.

Santoni Investigations is a family firm that specializes in investigative services for insurance companies, law firms, human resource professionals, corporate enterprises, brand owners and individual clients.

Their dedication to their mission led Santoni to choose Protelligent’s ManagedIT Complete service to level the playing field and allow them more time to focus on collecting information for their clients and less time on their in-house support systems. Our ManagedIT Complete delivers 24x7x365 monitoring which ensures critical systems that hold records and data are fully functional to avert potential downtime. While limiting exposure to vulnerabilities, ManagedIT Complete also protects sensitive client information and case data by ensuring all records are securely maintained.

Recognizing the importance of guarding vital information against unforeseen disasters, Santoni Investigations has also elected to utilize our Cloud Backup | CloudDR service. CloudDR provides three different levels of backup and data restoration and recovery: local backup on Santoni’s internal systems, offsite replication and recovery using Protelligent’s secure data centers and cloud restoration to provide recovery in the event of fire, flood or theft guaranteeing minimal data loss.

Protelligent looks forward to building a lasting relationship with Santoni Investigations by supporting their mission to provide valuable investigative services to their clients for years to come.

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