How Vulnerable Are Your Software Applications to Cyber Attacks?

The threat is real. So far, in the first half of 2017, the Breach Level Index showed an alarming 164% global increase in stolen, lost or compromised records over the last half of 2016.
Protelligent® is on top of today’s evolving cyber-attack landscape. Recent headlines deliver warnings of hackers exploiting vulnerabilities in software used by millions of people, including government agencies, small businesses and ordinary individuals to launch attacks. Among these concerns, federal officials have ordered the removal of Kaspersky Lab products from all government agency systems, after allegations that Russia leveraged Kaspersky’s popular antivirus program (AV) to spy on the U.S. Meanwhile, Adobe Systems, Inc. recently urged users to quickly patch their systems to prevent attacks by cyber criminals utilizing vulnerabilities in its Flash multimedia software platform in web browsers.
Without proper management, any software straight off the shelf is prone to cyber threats. The inherent design of AV programs, for example, is to see all and know all, making them particularly appealing to hackers. Although AV software helps protect you against viruses and malware, it is not a multi-layered solution that safeguards the integrity of the other applications you use every day, or your entire network.
Protelligent’s Premonition Security Suite is an all-inclusive solution, delivering processes that preemptively help intercept and block these kinds of threats. Premonition’s security information and event management technology (SIEM) leverages the latest global-threat intelligence in real time to continuously monitor the behavioral data of all devices and applications in a single view. This allows our certified security engineers to quickly detect anomalies, prioritize vulnerabilities for remediation and quickly respond to incidents.
We also provide full-system analysis with passive vulnerability scanning and file integrity monitoring, as well as event logging and retention to ensure there is no leakage or trace.
Premonition Security Suite’s high-functioning systems deliver a new level of effective protection to safeguard your company against today’s rapidly-growing cyber threats. This allows your organization to focus on developing growth strategies and generating revenue for a competitive advantage.
Get started now. Learn more about Premonition Security Suite or contact us today at (855) PRO-TELL to find out how we can mitigate your risk of attacks and level the playing field for your business.

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