5 Reasons Your Business Needs Managed IT Services

For small to medium business (SMB) owners, trying to do as much as possible on their own can cause them to lose focus of their primary business goals. With more than 50% of small businesses failing within the first 5 years, it is important to ensure your business stays on track. Here are five ways managed IT services can help your company succeed.
For SMBs that do the research and implement the latest IT updates while managing IT staff internally, it can cost them substantial time, focus and money. Managed IT services can provide expert support to effectively and efficiently manage these tasks, allowing you to focus on growing your business.
Increasing productivity, efficiencies and staying ahead of the competition are critical to the success of your organization as it grows. Managed IT services can maximize your ROI when planning ahead in two ways: giving you access to expert guidance and customized solutions that meet your business needs now and into the future, and eliminating the learning curve involved with understanding the latest technological advances and new requirements.
It’s no secret that a successful full-fledged cyber attack can lead to compromised customer data, a tarnished reputation and potential financial ruin. Through the use of a managed IT provider, your systems are monitored in real-time, so that any suspicious activity can be remediated to better manage your risk.
As business objectives, policies and procedures evolve and change, so does the technological expertise you need to operate effectively. Managed IT services provide the flexibility to adapt your networks and applications quickly and efficiently, keeping goals on track with minimal impact on day-to-day activities.
Level the Playing Field
With the budgetary and resource challenges of running an SMB, owners simply do not have the time and energy necessary for effectively managing their IT systems. Managed IT services, such as Protelligent’s ManagedIT Complete™, deliver a valuable combination of specialized knowledge and support, giving you the confidence to place your focus on areas that increase profits.
Find out more about how ManagedIT Complete can give your organization a competitive advantage by calling (855) PRO-TELL.

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