You’ve Virtualized Your Servers, Why not Your CIO?

As noted in our article on enterprise grade IT support, the typical organization cannot afford the six figure plus cost of a Chief Information Officer. Which is unfortunate because its this resource that understands how to show the financial returns of IT investment. Its this resource that sits at the CEO roundtables, helping set strategic direction, helping the organization lift IT above the all too typical view of it being a cost center. Its this resource that creates the organizational framework to ensure mutual successes.
Outsourcing was recognized as a necessity for excellence back in the early 90s yet some still struggle to accept it. But outsourcing is the only way to bring in the needed expertise into most organizations. This is often done with legal services…few organizations have their own legal team. Its also seen often with the CFO position. (Theres a huge difference between a book keeper and a CFO.) Its well past time for there to be recognition of the need for VCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer) services.

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