ManagedIT Complete™

Enterprise-class “All-in” IT Support


24x7x365 real-time monitoring, alerting, and reporting


Uninterrupted, seamless remote and onsite support


Monitoring and alerting of security threats with proactive security management and risk mitigation


Ongoing technology life-cycle management and administration

ManagedIT Complete™ delivers an effective, efficient and dependable IT environment for your business.

Unlike most Managed Service Providers, Protelligent® guarantees the complete user experience. Your staff’s computing experience is our responsibility.

We support all of your applications and business services, ensuring that your employees have access to the tools to get their job done efficiently, effectively, and every day.

Your goal is to have your IT systems run well at all times for the lowest possible cost. Our goal is to provide you a complete support package for a remarkably low price by bundling network monitoring and management with unlimited user support and issue remediation.

Is ManagedIT Right for You?

Protelligent’s approach is all about enterprise support. Your business has complete access to the subject-matter experts appropriate for your environment.

No longer rely upon one person’s skill set, Protelligent provides the expert you need for the issue you are facing. We combine leading-edge technologies, depth of experience, as well as best of breed policies and procedures to deliver the ideal user experience for your work force.

Gain access to a large organization IT team for less than the cost of a single desktop support technician.


24x7x365 Monitoring & Reporting

95% of all service outages can be prevented with monitoring and proactive issue resolution.

Protelligent’s monitoring alerts for potential service outages allow our engineers to resolve the issue and avert downtime. Your users never miss a beat.

    • 24x7x365 real-time monitoring and reporting for every server, workstation, and key networking element in your environment
    • Automatic alerts to Protelligent’s staff of engineers
    • Usage statistics to help you manage and plan for growth


Seamless Integration & Flat Monthly Rate

Protelligent integrates with existing IT staff and will help build the right IT infrastructure for your business.

    • Uninterrupted, seamless support to virtually any location
    • Unlimited proactive issue remediation triggered by automatic alerts or by your workforce
    • Unlimited user support for issue remediation
    • Same call resolution for the majority of your support calls
    • Fast onsite support as needed
    • Online ticketing system, bringing accountability to all user interactions
    • Support of all the applications your staff uses, not just business standards

All the support you need with no shocking invoice at the end of the month.


Security Management & Risk Mitigation

    • Monitoring and alerting of events that threaten security
    • Patch management that ensures your systems are updated and limits exposure to vulnerabilities
    • Ongoing network security management and risk management
    • Anti-X service support


Ongoing Life-cycle Management

    • User account management
    • Messaging and database administration
    • Mobile device management
    • Virus definition and prevention
    • Backup monitoring & administration
    • Network (wired/wireless) and systems device management
    • Ongoing technology life-cycle management
    • Strategic technology consulting

What Protelligent’s Customers Are Saying

Protelligent Customers

Business owners and managers should feel confident that their IT systems are operating at their best and seamlessly generating ideal user experiences.

Let’s discuss how Protelligent can deliver enterprise-class IT services to support your company’s end users and provide overall IT strategy.

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