4 Ways to Protect Your Business This Holiday Season

Cybercriminals know businesses and their employees are more likely to share large amounts of information online this time of year. In addition to accessing account information via online merchants, attackers are also able to gain data from insecure Wifi systems, phishing scams and malware. The average cost is $244 per compromised record.
Here are four ways to proactively safeguard your organization more effectively this December:

  1. Identify valuable company data: Knowing what sensitive information may draw interest from an attacker is crucial in developing a business-aligned security program. An assessment can measure your attack resiliency, creating a road map that shows asset risk and value and helps us develop a recommendation for a cyber-defense platform that meets your needs.
  1. Utilize data encryption: Converting sensitive information into a format that can only be read by those who have the secret key or password helps protect your organization’s data from falling into the wrong hands. Prioritize threat information and develop a multi-layered security program customized to fit your business needs.
  1. Conduct simulated attacks: Simulate real-world attack scenarios. Testing identifies and resolves security vulnerabilities before they can be used against you. You’ll discover areas in your security platform that are currently weak, as well as those that may be a potential weakness in the future.
  1. Educate your employees: Give company personnel the knowledge necessary to identify an attack before it becomes a problem. By providing information on how data breaches happen and what to do if one is identified, employees are better prepared to prevent an attack.

If you’re not sure whether your company is protected from the latest cybersecurity threats, we can help you assess your vulnerabilities, and then work with you to take action. Click here to make an appointment to discuss your security assessment.

Learn more about what Premonition Security Suite can do for your business or call (855) PRO-TELL.

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