How to Prepare for GDPR – A CISO’s Perspective

The General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) will come into force on May 25, 2018. This regulation requires companies in all countries who perform payment-card transactions with any citizen of the European Union (EU) to maintain a stringent plan that protects their personal data and privacy.
Without the required security tools, controls and documentation in place, failure to comply with GDPR could potentially cost you millions.
That’s where Protelligent®, in partnership with AlienVault®, can help. Through this partnership, our Premonition Security Suite engineers can design and deploy the right compliance solution to meet your needs. Together, we will address:

  • Best practices for approaching GDPR compliance
  • Assess your level of readiness and build your roadmap to compliance
  • Identify the security toolset that can both expedite and simplify this process
  • Define the technical controls you need in place TODAY for compliance

Ensure your organization is ready for GDPR compliance. Chat with one of our managed security and compliance specialists now, or contact Aaron Hunt at 949-221-8900 to find out how Protelligent can accelerate and simplify these requirements.
For more details on GDPR compliance, AlienVault’s webinar featuring their CISO, provides further insights.

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