Protelligent Delivers Unified Security Solutions with AlienVault Technology

AlienVault recognizes the importance of providing their customers with best-in-class threat detection and response. Their security tools are combined into simplified packages and are fully functional from the moment of setup. Their dedication to providing world-class security solutions to businesses of all sizes is one of the many reasons Protelligent® has chosen to partner with AlienVault.
As the processes and methods of cyber criminals continue to grow and evolve, utilizing continuous monitoring backed by intelligence-driven strategies is critical to rapidly defending your systems and data against an attack.
Through AlienVault’s powerful, unified approach, we are able to combine all your essential security tools, such as vulnerability assessment and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), into a single view that leverages the most comprehensive threat intelligence available. This allows us to accelerate detection and incident response, and proactively protect your business.
Based on the needs of your organization, we will build and deploy effective security programs using AlienVault technologies that maximize your ROI by increasing productivity and efficiencies, and allow you to focus on growth strategies and innovation.
Learn more about Protelligent’s partnership with AlienVault and how it can level the playing field for your company, or call us today at (855) PRO-TELL.

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